Mary Jo Toll

Vice Chair
Emeka Obiezu

The mandate of the NGO Committee on Migration, which serves as an umbrella organization for more than thirty NGO's, most with branches worldwide, is to promote and encourage the human rights of immigrants and their families, in accordance with the United Nations Charter. Our NGO Committee was formed in 2006, in recognition of our contributions to the preparation of the High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development at the United Nations in September 2006. Subsequently, we have been actively involved in the preparation for, and participation in, the Civil Society events since our founding. Our experience with the New York University Students led other universities to express interest in developing similar learning programs with us.Furthermore, the Committee has participated in meetings of various international organizations in the field of Migration i.e. IOM and UNITAR. At the same time, the Committee is in touch with various UN missions and members travelling abroad to publicize our work and to motivate people to join us.