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WAAS TALKS: Science as a Social Good

Science as a Social Good

Science as a Social Good
Webinar #2 on May 24, 2021

The accelerating pace of scientific development has generated a widening gap and mismatch between technological capabilities, fragmented public policies, ethical standards, social equity and our capacity for cultural adaptation. New organizational models for research, policy-making, regulation and implementation are needed to identify high potential scientific advances, coordinate research in all fields, and integrate science,ethical guidelines and social welfare. This panel will examine challenges and discuss opportunities for promoting socially beneficial technologies, and aligning scientific development with public policies to enhance human security.

Gérard Escher (Presenter)
Advisor to the Board,
Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA)

Anja Kaspersen
Senior fellow at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Georgios Theodoropoulos
Chair Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, SUSTech

Ketan Patel
Co-founder and CEO of Greater Pacific Capital

Donato Kiniger Passigli (Moderator)
Vice President, World Academy of Art & Science

Garry Jacobs (Concluding remarks)
President & CEO, World Academy of Art & Science

UN Office at Geneva and World Academy of Art and Science lead e-Conference on Global Leadership in the 21st Century; partners include CoNGO

UPDATE: See UNOG news release.

14 December 2020, New York City (CoNGO InfoNews) – An e-conference on Global Leadership in the 21st Century will be held on 15 and 16 December, under the joint leadership of the  United Nations Office at Geneva and the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS). The Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CoNGO) is one among 24 partner organizations from the UN System, academia, civil society, foundations and the private sector.

In an advance message, CoNGO President Liberato C. Bautista said: “Global leadership today must have a focus and a locus at once local and global. It will require transborder and transnational organizing, and mobilizing for glocal consciousness and action.”

At this two-day conference, the results of a year-long project to develop catalytic strategies to address the challenges of global leadership facing the world will be presented.  Online events will include sessions on peace and human security, economy and employment, health and food security, environment, finance, education, civil society, the media, youth networks, social movements, and integration of research and implementation.

Speakers include UN Office at Geneva Director General Tatiana Valovaya, Columbia University Center for Sustainable Development Director Jeffrey Sachs, actress and activist Jane Fonda, WAAS President and CEO Garry Jacobs, and numerous political, civil society and thought leaders from around the world.

The President of CoNGO, Liberato C. Bautista, will address the conference at 11:00AM (Geneva) | 05:00AM (New York) at the panel on “Mobilizing Civil Society: Building Global Social Consciousness”.

For further information and registration, please see, the agenda and schedule at and speaker bios here. Videos will be available online after the event, at the World Academy of Art and Science.