Water is LIFE: Angel of Waters Ceremony

Water is Life: Angel of the Waters Ceremony - Center for Earth EthicsOn the afternoon of March 21, 2023, the eve of World Water Day and the opening of the Mid Term Review of the United Nation’s (UN) Decade of Action, an inspirational ceremony will take place at the Angel of the Waters Fountain in Central Park.

The ceremony will aim to celebrate the tangible and intangible value and enduring significance of water-related cultural heritage around the world to assist in meeting asset management and living heritage stewardship challenges of today and tomorrow. The ceremony will also recognize New York City’s 180+ year history of managing water and water-related heritage, stretching from 1842 when the Old Croton Aqueduct was inaugurated until today.

This event aims at:

• Gathering input from the speakers and the audience to work towards a youth statement on water and heritage.

• Enabling representatives from younger generations with different backgrounds (activists, artists, young professionals) to have the floor during an international conference together with respected water and heritage officials.

• Envisioning the road from ideas to meaningful action.

Session 1: Activism

Session 2: Art

Session 3: Young Professionals

Session 4: Mixed Dialogue

For more information, please visit the NY Water Week Website.


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