South-South Sharing of Experiences in Macro-Financial Policies for Structural Transformation


Meeting the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is inextricably linked with the process of structural transformation. Macroeconomic and financial policies are a key area in which many developing countries face limitations in their capacity to effectively design, manage, coordinate, implement, and evaluate the policy levers of structural transformation. South-South sharing of experiences, including by drawing lessons from success stories such as China’s development strategy, can help to address this shortcoming and assist national capacity-building.

China’s successful development experience over the past 40 years has been based on a pragmatic, gradual and experimental approach to development. Many other developing countries adopted policy strategies that emphasize reducing state influence over key macroeconomic policy levers such as exchange rates and interest rates, combined with broad-based liberalization and privatization at the sectoral level. This latter approach did not result in structural transformation. As such, China’s experience may act as a reference point from which other developing countries can assess alternative economic policy options that are consistent with their own objectives for structural transformation and adapted to their own specific circumstances.

This webinar looks at macroeconomic and financial policies from a comparative cross-country perspective. It aims at fostering a better understanding of the key macroeconomic and financial policy challenges that developing countries face and the extent to which China’s development strategy, trajectory and dynamics can inform other countries’ macroeconomic and financial policy strategies.

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Decreased Access to Safe Water in Asia: Challenges to Human Security

The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) will organise a webinar on ‘Decreased Access to Safe Water in Asia: Challenges to Human Security’ in conjunction with the World Water Day–2021.

Scheduled to be held on 22 March 2021 from 12 PM to 2 PM (Bangkok time), the webinar will highlight the importance of access to water as a human right and its challenges to human security and will focus on the problems related to the right to safe and clean water and challenges to human security.

The panelists of the webinar will include representatives of UN agencies, NGOs working in the field of water, sanitation, and hygiene issues, as well as church and ecumenical organisations.

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An NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace, and Security Discussion: Spending to Increase Nuclear Danger

Join the NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace, and Security as we discuss how in the midst of an economic and public health crisis, the US is set to spend hundreds of billions on new nuclear weapons which could never be used, add nothing to national security, and actually increase the risk of nuclear war. Funding for these extremely dangerous weapons systems will come up soon in Congress. The NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace and Security presents three leaders to clarify the key issues and discuss possible plans of action.

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Bruce Knotts has directed the Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations since 2008. Before that, he served as a diplomat with the U.S. Department of State with notable service during the Nairobi Embassy bombing 1998, Embassy Khartoum, Sudan, Regional Refugee Coordinator for West Africa and Deputy Chief of Mission in The Gambia. His final tour was in the Bureau of International Organization at the Department of State.

Dr. John Burroughs is Senior Analyst for the New York City-based Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy. He has represented LCNP in Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty meetings and negotiations on the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons. His articles and op-eds have appeared in publications including Fordham International Law Journal, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Arms Control Today, Newsweek, and Newsday.

Jackie Cabasso has been Executive Director of the Western States Legal Foundation, based in Oakland, California, since 1984. In 1995 she was a “founding mother” of the Abolition 2000 Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons, and she continues to serve on its Coordinating Committee. Since 2007 she has served as an Executive Advisor to Mayors for Peace. In the U.S., she is a National Co-convener of United for Peace and Justice. Jackie was the 2008 recipient of the International Peace Bureau’s Sean MacBride Peace Award.


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[UN Observance] International Day of Education

Every year on January 24, the United Nations commemorates International Day of Education. To stay apprised of this year’s events and how to participate, check out

View UNESCO’s video explaining the 10 targets of SDG #4: Quality Education for All here:


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[Virtual Monthly Meeting] NGO Committee on Financing for Development – NY

Dear Committee Members,
The next  NGO Committee on Financing for Development meeting will take place by Zoom  on July 1 from 1:00- 3:45 pm.  I am thrilled to share that Dr. Lester Salamon, Director of the Center for Civil Society Studies, Johns Hopkins University will be joining us from 2:00 – 2:45 pm to speak on “Philanthropication” a people-centered approach to development financing. We have extended our normal meeting time by 15 minutes as Dr. Salamon has requested a bit more time for his presentation.  
Dr. Salamon is a world renowned expert on civil society organizations and pioneered the empirical study of the nonprofit sector in the United States and has extended this work to other parts of the world. He has published more than 20 books including  Philanthropication thru Privatization: Building Permanent Endowments for the Common Good (il Mulino Press) where he investigates a way to capture all or a portion of the enormous privatization transactions under way around the world for autonomous charitable endowments serving the social and economic needs of citizens. Please review the background documents uploaded to the shared folder and do come prepared with questions and to engage in the conversation. 
Please also invite any of your colleagues who might have an interest in this topic. 
The Zoom invitation is included below. Please note that you will need to register to access the meeting

When: Jul 1, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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All documents (listed below) for the meeting, including background materials for Dr. Salamon’s presentation are being uploaded to the July1 2020 Google folder . You can access the link here:
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  • Agenda for the July 1 meeting
  • Minutes of the June 3meeting” 
  • Annual report and financial report
  • Project description 
2.COVID-19 (& FfD related) reading materials
3. Upcoming events and other updates (please email me information on any upcoming events to be posted )
Anita Thomas 
Chair, NGO Committee on Financing for Development,
A Substantive Committee of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the UN (CoNGO)