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Peace BAR Festival at Kyung Hee University

21 September 2023 @ 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM UTC+9

Peace BAR Festival 2023

Peace or Collapse: Planetary Society at an Inflection Point

You are cordially invited to the Peace BAR Festival (PBF), a celebration to commemorate the UN International Day of Peace.

In celebration of the 42nd UN International Day of Peace, PBF 2023 presents the theme, “Peace or Collapse: Planetary Society at an Inflection Point.” As our global civilization navigates a profound period of transition, human society searches for solutions. Indeed, we stand at the intersection of crisis and opportunity on a level never before experienced.

The palpable climate catastrophes, escalating environmental and ecological crises, growing fear about nuclear conflict, uncertainties surrounding artificial intelligence, potential threats posed by advanced technology, and the recent acknowledgement of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) after a prolonged period of debates – these represent just some of the global challenges stemming from the volatile synthesis of the earth and the human race, of nature and civilization. As these threats spread at an alarming speed, the survival of the human species, as well as reflection about what that survival would entail, demand our collective attention.

Confronting a tempest of the kind our civilization has never faced before, is it even possible to carve out a sustainable future? Which options must we consider, and which avenues remain unattainable? What should be reinforced, and what abandoned? As humanity grapples with a combination of crises and opportunities unprecedented in our history, it is our duty today to answer these questions, as part of our responsibility for the future.
Along with the global task with which humanity has been entrusted, PBF 2023 aims to formulate new narratives of hope and new types of praxis. We hope you will join us at an event that envisions a sustainable future for the future generation, and a better future for human civilization.


Program of Peace BAR Festival 2023

Peace or Collapse: Planetary Society at an Inflection Point

Date: Thursday, September 21th, 2023

HostKyung Hee University System
OrganizerKyung Hee University Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee Cyber University Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee University Healthcare System Global Academy for Medical Science and Civilization

Commemoration for the International Day of Peace

Sept. 21th (Thursday) 09:00-09:30 (Korean Standard Time)

The vastness of the universe and the planet Earth and human society within it, along with climate, AI, nuclear issues, and UAP, compel us to profoundly reflect on the consciousness and politics that have driven human history. Beyond the recognition of the reality full of crisis and the lethargy of politics, what do we need to invent anew? What kind of human history will we rewrite alongside the narratives of Kant’s “neighborly love” and Hans Jonas’s “responsibility to future generations”?
Kyung Hee first proposed and led the creation of the United Nations International Day and Year of Peace. Through PBF 2023, we hope to explore a new paradigm of consciousness and politics for the future of global society. Kyung Hee University’s Miwon Institute of Peace and Chemistry, Kyung Hee University’s Future Civilization Institute, Kyung Hee Cyber University’s Future Civilization Institute, and Kyung Hee University Medical Center’s Medical Science and Civilization Institute will collaborate to find a new path for a transitional civilization.

1. Opening Announcement

    • Won-soo Kim,Rector of the Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee University

2. Progress Report on the International Day of Peace

    • Won-soo Kim,Rector of the Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee University

3. Welcoming Remarks

    • Inwon Choue,Chancellor of the Kyung Hee University System “The Future at a Crossroad, Horizons of Holistic Existence”

4. Commemorative Music

    • “Magnolia Blossoms”College of Music, Kyung Hee University Je Veux Vivre, Charles-François Gounod

Commemorative Lecture

Sept. 21 (THU) 09:30-10:00 am (Korean Standard Time)

Science and technology, including artificial intelligence and biotechnology, have changed every aspect of human life. They have advanced civilization. The future of civilization as imagined by humans has turned into a threat to human life itself. The uncertain future of superintelligence, the possibility of nuclear war, and the catastrophic climate crisis.

With this in mind, we invited Nick Bostrom, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, UK, to give a talk on the future of artificial intelligence. The topic of the lecture is “Challenges Along Path to AI Utopia”. Dr. Bostrom will discuss how to make science and technology compatible with universal human values and ethics, and how to contribute to the realization of peace in human society beyond specific countries and corporations.

1. Theme

    • Challenges Along Path to AI Utopia

2. Lecturer

    • Nick Bostrom,Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford

3. Moderator

    • Won-soo Kim,Rector of the Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee University

Commemorative Dialogue for the International Day of Peace

Sept. 21 (THU) 10:00-11:30 am (Korean Standard Time)

The universe has endowed us with infinite possibilities, but Earth’s resources are finite. As long as humans continue to face the existential threat of destroying the planet themselves, they will lose their future. Only a consciousness revolution on the planetary level, a major shift in politics, can change the historical civilizational framework. It was not the powerful or the victorious who changed human history. It was the efforts of millions of people. Both universities and citizens must recognize the crisis of the current situation and take action for a better future in their responsibility to the future. In this program, world-renowned scholars such as Inwon Choue, Chancellor of Kyung Hee University System, Nick Bostrom, Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University, and G. John Ikenberry, Eminent Scholar at Kyung Hee University, discuss what they believe is a new paradigm for consciousness and politics.

1. Theme

    • Peace or Collapse: Consciousness and Politics at an Inflection Point

2. Panel

    • Inwon Choue, Chancellor of the Kyung Hee University System
    • Nick Bostrom, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford
    • G. John Ikenberry, Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University

3. Moderator

    • SangJun Kim, Professor in the Graduate School of Public Policy and Civic Engagement, Kyung Hee University

Round Table Discussion Commemorating International Day of Peace

Sept. 21 (THU) 14:00-16:30 pm (Korean Standard Time)

There is an urgent need for a new transition plan to respond to a future society in crisis. The SDGs, which have been aiming for peace in human society along with material and economic prosperity, are being challenged by the urgency of the existential crisis of the global community, and a new direction is being called for. What should global citizens think and do to create a world where all beings living on Earth live together in harmony and peace? We will find the answer in the future vision and action plan for the Post-SDGs.

1. Theme

    • Path to Global Citizenship: Toward Post-SDGs

2. Presenters

    • Liberato C. Bautista, President, Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations(CoNGO)
    • Atsufumi Yokoi, Vice President, Okayama University | UNESCO Chairholder in Research and Education for Sustainable Development
    • Yao Yao, Director of China National Agency

2. Discussion

    • Daeshik Jo, Secretary General, Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation
    • Woo-Kyun Lee, Co-Chair, Sustainable Development Solutions Network Korea
    • Dong-Ju Choi, President, Korea Academic Council on the United Nations System

3. Moderator

    • Ryan Song, Professor of law at Kyung Hee University, Graduate School of Legal Affaris/Law School
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21 September 2023
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM UTC+9
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