“Corruption Inside-out – Fraud, bribery, and misuse of EU funds: A call for transparency, accountability, proper scrutiny and sanctions”

I am pleased to invite you to attend the CEIPA video conference – “Corruption Inside-out – Fraud, bribery, and misuse of EU funds: a call for transparency, accountability, proper scrutiny and sanctions

The event will take place via Zoom.
18th June 2021
from 2pm to 4pm CET

Register here to participate and engage in a lively debate with policymakers, researchers, NGO’s and journalists about current anti-fraud schemes and the call for transparency, accountability, proper scrutiny and sanctions.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Are corruption, fraud and misuse of European subsidies hampering economic growth and diminishing citizens’ trust in the European project?
  •  Are political leaders and decision-makers determined to prevent further corruption, fraud, and the misuse of European funds?
  •  What are the incentives provided by the European Union to prevent the misuse of EU funds on the national level?
  • Are the European Institutions well equipped to combat corruption and fraud through effective and long-lasting sanctions?
  • Can future reforms of major EU instruments such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) prevent further fraud and corruption?
  • How can the new CAP improve transparency and EU oversight?
  • What are the policies and practices of the European Institutions and Agencies such as the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, OLAF, EUROPOL, EUROJUST, and national authorities entrusted with fighting corruption in curtailing the misuse of EU funds?
  • What are the steps the national governments have to undertake in order to make the new initiative of the European Commission protecting whistle-blowers and journalists reporting on corruption and misuse of EU funds effective and deliver the expected results?
  • What new safeguards and legislative frameworks does Europe urgently need in order to protect investigative journalists in Europe from intimidation, harassment, blackmail and physical harm?
  • Is the sanctioning of fraudulent public institutions, national governments, and oligarchs by the European Commission and EU bodies such as the European Public Prosecutors Office feasible?
  • In what way is the EU whistle-blower protection directive helping to keep safe investigative journalists and whistle-blowers who are in countries where they may be exposed to severe sanctions or life-threatening circumstances?
More information on the topics for discussion can be found here.

We look forward to your participation at this next event,

Peter Josef von Bethlenfalvy
Executive Director