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CoNGO President Speaks at Webinar on “Role of the Church at the United Nations”

A Webinar on ‘role of the Church at United Nations’

Final Concept Note

The Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), founded in 1951, is the national alliance of evangelical Christians. EFI is a charter member of the World Evangelical Alliance. Its membership includes over 54 protestant denominations and related congregations (over 65,000 Churches), over 150 Church related mission agencies and organizations and thousands of individual members. It is the most inclusive fellowship with membership from most Protestant denominations and organizations of India.

Transbiblica is a Christian think-tank for Global Transformation, aims to mobilize the Church for the advancement of Kingdom concerns (Peace, Security, Justice, Governance and Environment). Its registered under societies registration act with its headquarters in Hyderabad (India), and is governed by an Executive Board consists of committed individuals from varied fields.

Why this webinar:

The Church has been instrumental in shaping the thinking of the world community since 2000 years ago. As a ‘salt and light’ the Church provided Biblical solutions to the worlds pressing problems affecting the societies. Even today, the Church is actively engaged with ‘United Nations’ and other global bodies in working towards a just and a peaceful world.

God is working through United Nations (UN), which completes 75 years of its existence in bringing all the countries together and managing International peace and development. At global level, several church bodies are actively engaged with UN in shaping the thinking of the world leadership from a biblical perspective.

Though the Church has enormous potential to address the worlds chronic issues, the local church in most cases are considerably disengaged with the global efforts of the Church. There is a huge gap and great need to sensitize the local church to

  • Understand the role of UN and how the global order is shaping up
  • Identify their role as a local church
  • Provide Biblical solutions to the issues at global/ local levels

In this connection, Transbiblica, in partnership with Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) is organizing a webinar for the local churches, to mobilize them to engage in societal issues in a meaningful way.


Title of the Webinar Role of the Church at United Nations
Speakers ·       Rev Dr Liberato C Bautista, Assistant General Secretary for United                  Nations and International Affairs, The United Methodist Church

·       Wissam al-Saliby, WEA UN Advocacy Officer, Geneva (Confirmed)

·       Rev Vijayesh Lal, General Secretary, EFI, India

·       Mr Ramesh Babu, Executive Director, EFICOR, India

Moderator ·       Ms Kuki Rokhum
Dates 24 Oct, Saturday (United Nations was established on October 24, 1945)


Proposed Time 6:30pm (India), 9:00am (New York), 3:00pm (Geneva)
Participants Open to all, focusing on Christian leaders and pastors
Suggested topics to be covered by the speakers ·       Historical Background of the Church (various Christian agencies) at the United Nations

·       Role of the global church and local church in transforming the world (Glocal)

·       WEA at the UN, its thematic priorities, and its Impact on the local church & the society;

·       Information and Resources on engagement with UN

·       Why Church need to involve in global issues (Biblical Perspective);

·       Examples of how EFI is raising issues at the national/ global levels on behalf of Indian evangelicals

·       EFICOR as an UN accredited body, its engagement at global level

·       Practical ways a church or an Individual Christian can involve in global issues at the local level


Tentative Schedule:

Time (IST +5:30) Content Facilitator
Moderator: Ms Kuki Rokhum
6:15- 6:30p Registrations Technical Team
6:30- 6:35p Opening Prayer Bishop Paothang Haokip
6:35- 6:40p Video Mary Jones
6:40- 6:45p Welcome and Introduction Moderator
6:45- 7:50p • Rev Dr Liberato C Bautista, UMC, New York

• Wissam al-Saliby, WEA, Geneva

• Rev Vijayesh Lal, General Secretary, EFI, India

• Mr Ramesh Babu, Executive Director, EFICOR, India

Speakers Introduction by the Moderator


Each Speaker 15 min

7:50- 8:20p Live Questions from the Q&A/ Chat Box Abhishek/ Kuki
8:20- 8:25p Summary Mr Kishore Vunnamatla
8:25- 8:30p Closing Prayer