Feminist Foreign Policy

From Theory to Praxis: Climate Justice Implementation Strategies and Best-Practices

At the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens, we are ready for the second webinar of our new series “#ClimateJustice 4 All: An Approach to Intersectional and Feminist #ClimateAction” in partnership with the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy.

Join us before #EarthDay2021 with International Human Rights Lawyer and Member of Women and Gender Constituency, UNFCCC Kavita Naidu,Shadow Secretary of State for Justice in England David Lammy, and Executive Director of Indigenous Climate Action Eriel Deranger. Learn about how we can effectively tackle racial, social, and climate injustice, and the challenges as well as opportunities to consider for intersectional climate action.

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The session will emphasize climate movements as well as traditional ecological knowledge and will investigate the role of social justice when tackling the climate emergency.

During this webinar, participants get an introduction to the landscape of diverse projects tackling climate change with an intersectional approach. Implementation strategies, and improving already existing environmental programs or movements lie at the heart of this session. After listening to best practices and occurring challenges, participants will get the opportunity to share their thoughts and exchange their vision towards inclusive climate action!


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