The MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the Closing Event of the MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium will take place on Tuesday 22 June. As with the Opening Event back in November, the event will take place live from Kigali, Rwanda and online from across the globe.

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Time: 2:00pm (Kigali), 5:30pm (New Delhi), 10:00pm (Sydney), 9:00am (Montevideo), 8:00am (Washington DC)
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Where: It will take place online – and live from Kigali, Rwanda

The MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium continues to be the most ambitious collective activity to have been embarked on as a global alliance for transforming patriarchal masculinities and engaging men and boys for gender equality, social justice and climate justice. Members and partners of MenEngage Alliance have been hosting Ubuntu Symposium sessions over an 8-month period since November 2020.By being part of this ongoing effort, many of you have contributed to an unprecedented level of discussion, reflection, knowledge building and renewed commitment to action across MenEngage Alliance and beyond.

The closing ceremony will be a celebration of the unity, diversity, expertise and learning you all have contributed during these 8 months as participants, session organizers, facilitators, and speakers. It will be a unique opportunity to reflect on the symposium’s goals and the Ubuntu Symposium journey we have been on together.

The event will set out pathways for the future of our shared work – to make it more accountable, more intersectional, transformative, political and impactful for gender, social and climate justice.

Registration for the Closing Ceremony is currently open and free to members and non-members of MenEngage Alliance. Please note, the start and end times shown above are preliminary and may be subject to change.

If you have any questions or need clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact:

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