The United Nations System

Map of the UN System

The UN Charter and Article 71

ECOSOC Resolution  1996/31

The UN and Civil Society

Consultative Relationship with the UN

ECOSOC and Civil Society

Associated Relationship with the UN

Special Accreditation through the Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS)

NGO Participation Arrangements within the UN System

Civil Society Participation at UN General Assembly (Page 30)

Civil Society Participation in the UN Human Rights Council, Geneva

Civil Society Space and the UN Human Rights System: A Practical Guide for Civil Society

Participation in the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna

UN System and COVID-19 Response

Work of ECOSOC and calendar of meetings during the COVID-19 outbreak

INDICO: Management of participation in conferences, workshops and meetings.

World Health Organization and COVID-19 Pandemic  

COVID-19 Measures at the Vienna International Centre