CONGO’s vision is to be the primary support and platform for a civil society represented by a global community of informed, empowered and committed NGOs that fully participate with the UN in decision-making and programs leading to a better world, a world of economic and social justice.


Facilitate through various means the development of a dynamic and informed world-wide NGO community able to influence policies and actions at all levels of the United Nations.


A. Improve NGOs accessibility and presence at all levels of the United Nations

B. Enhance the effective engagement of NGOs with the United Nations

C. Strengthen the dialogue between the United Nations and Non-governmental organizations

D. Engage NGOs to work together on issues of common interest

E. Education / Capacity Development

F. Work in partnership with UN civil society focal points

G. Advocate on the Principles and Goals that NGOs and United Nations share

NGO Access to the UN

CoNGO’s mission is to facilitate the participation of NGOs in the UN system. Workiing to ensure that NGOs have adequate access to UN meetings, conferences, special events, and documentation is a central CoNGO activity. The UN-NGO relationship has been evolving and changing since the signing of the UN Charter in 1945.

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Strategic Plan

CoNGO History