NGO Substantive and Regional Committees

Bringing NGO expertise to the United Nations

CoNGO’s NGO Committees (called Committees on Substantive Issues, or simply Substantive Committees, defined in CoNGO Rules 38 to 48) bring together NGOs, members of the CoNGO Board and Secretariat, government delegations, and UN officials to discuss pertinent themes and issues before the UN and the international community. CoNGO members and the larger NGO community work together through these committees to share information, to cooperate on substantive issues, and to bring NGO expertise into the discussions of governments in UN and multilateral fora. These Committees are CoNGO’s platforms for consultation, collaboration and cooperation. CoNGO’s NGO substantive committees operate in Geneva, New York and Vienna, as well as in these regions (Africa, Asia and Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean, and Arab States). The CoNGO Regional Committee in Asia and the Pacific operates out of Bangkok.