Doha Declaration

14th United Nations Crime Congress

The 14th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice will be held from 7 to 12 March 2021 in Kyoto, Japan. The UN General Assembly has formally decided on these dates (A/DEC/74/550 B), which had been recommended by the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, as the preparatory body of the Crime Congress. There will be pre-Congress consultations on 6 March 2021. The 14th Congress was originally scheduled to take place in Kyoto, Japan, on 20-27 April 2020, and postponed, due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

As per General Assembly Resolution 72/192, the substantive Agenda Items of the 14th Congress are the following:

  1. Comprehensive strategies for crime prevention towards social and economic development
  2. Integrated approaches to challenges facing the criminal justice system.
  3. Multidimensional approaches by Governments to promoting the rule of law by, inter alia, providing access to justice for all; building effective, accountable, impartial and inclusive institutions; and considering social, educational and other relevant measures, including fostering a culture of lawfulness while respecting cultural identities, in line with the Doha Declaration.
  4. International cooperation and technical assistance to prevent and address all forms of crime:

(a) Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations;

(b) New and emerging forms of crime.

The proposed organization of work indicates approximately when these topics will be discussed by the Congress in Kyoto (Japan Standard Time, UTC/GMT +9 hours).

Registration information is available here, and the registration deadline is February 18.

Read more about the event and full program here.


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