Informal meeting of the Chairs of the Subsidiary Bodies of UNFCCC with Observers

The SBI, at its thirty-fourth session, invited the presiding officers to increase opportunities for regular briefings and debriefings as a means for dialogue for observer organizations with presiding officers and Parties.  Such meetings have been a good opportunity for the SBI and SBSTA Chairs to keep observer organizations (admitted non-governmental organizations, admitted intergovernmental organizations and UN organizations) informed of the work of the subsidiary bodies and for observer organizations to share their views with the SB Chairs on the work of the subsidiary bodies.


The objective of this meeting is for the SB Chairs to update interested observer organizations on the current planning for the June session and informal activities that have been planned and to create space for observer organizations to share their views and expectations on the organization and the work of the SBs.


The briefing will be a webinar-style virtual meeting with 75 minutes in duration. The invitation will be sent to all UNFCCC observer organizations. The SB Chairs will open the meeting, provide updates on respective areas of work and invite participants to share their views both on the substance and the planning of the June session. Due to the potentially high number of participants, it is foreseen that the NGO Constituencies will be given the floor then interested IGOs and UN present at the meeting will be invited.

Contact/Additional Information:  Megumi Endo at mendo@unfccc.int, or the Climate Observer Organizations Liaison at cool@unfccc.int.

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Conference ID: 156 375 441#


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