Exchange with Mr. Volker Türk, Under-Secretary-General for Policy

Dear Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) accredited at the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG),

We are pleased to invite you to an exchange with Mr. Volker Türk, Under-Secretary-General for Policy in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, which will take place on Wednesday, 29 June 2022 from 10:00 to 11:00 am in Room XXIV at the Palais des Nations.

Mr. Türk will brief on the Secretary-General’s vision and strategic priorities as set out in the report Our Common Agenda. The report addresses fundamental questions and challenges that humanity is confronted with today and will face in the future, and presents proposals designed to strengthen and accelerate multilateral cooperation, with strong emphasis on turbo-charging the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

You are kindly invited to confirm the participation of your NGO by providing names of your representative(s) by email to unog.ngo@un.org.

Only NGO representatives in possession of a valid grounds pass will be able to attend.

We wish to inform you that the briefing will be in English only and to remind you of the requirement to wear facial masks in all conference rooms of the Palais des Nations.

With best regards,

NGO Liaison Unit


Cher(e)s représentant(e)s des organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) accréditées auprès de l’Office des Nations Unies à Genève (ONUG),

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à un échange avec M. Volker Türk, Secrétaire général adjoint chargé de la politique au Cabinet du Secrétaire général, qui aura lieu le mercredi 29 juin 2022 de 10h00 à 11h00 dans la salle XXIV, au Palais des Nations.

M. Türk présentera la vision et les priorités stratégiques du Secrétaire général telles qu’elles sont énoncées dans le rapport Notre programme commun. Le rapport aborde les questions et les défis fondamentaux auxquels l’humanité est confrontée aujourd’hui et sera confrontée à l’avenir, et présente des propositions visant à renforcer et à accélérer la coopération multilatérale, en mettant l’accent sur la mise en œuvre de l’Agenda 2030.

Vous êtes cordialement invités à confirmer la participation de votre ONG en fournissant le(s) nom(s) de votre(vos) représentant(s) par courriel à unog.ngo@un.org.

Seuls les représentants d’ONG en possession d’un badge d’accès à l’ONUG valable seront en mesure de participer.

Nous vous informons que le briefing se déroulera uniquement en anglais et vous rappelons l’obligation de porter un masque facial dans toutes les salles de conférence du Palais des Nations.

Avec nos meilleures salutations,

Unité de liaison avec les ONG


CoNGO Notes: For more information on the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-Vienna, please visit congocsd.wordpress.com. For more information on the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY, please visit ngocsd-ny.org. For more information on the NGO Committee on Social Development, please visit ngosocdev.org.

Virtual launch event for Version 3 of the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs has the pleasure to invite you to attend the Virtual Launch Event for Version 3 of the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines on Thursday, 8 July from 10 AM – 12 PM (noon) Eastern Daylight Time (NY Time).

Register here!

Background info:

The Virtual Launch will feature presentations by technical and policy experts in the field of ammunition management, providing an overview of the key changes to the IATG and the rationale behind them. Experts will also reflect on the importance of the IATG Version 3 in responding to the increasing risk of explosive events at ammunition sites, resulting in grave humanitarian consequences. Over the past 2 years, the IATG have undergone a comprehensive technical review by the UN SaferGuard Technical Review Board. IATG Version 3 comprises 12 thematic series (or volumes), sub-divided into 41 individual modules. In addition to technical updates to existing modules, Version 3 includes two new modules, namely on organizational capabilities (module 01.35) and on airfields (module 8.20).

The International Ammunition Technical Guidelines First developed in 2011 pursuant to the request contained in General Assembly resolution 63/61, the IATG respond to a growing concern at the international level over explosive events at munition sites and the diversion of ammunition from poorly managed and unsecured stockpiles to the illicit market. The IATG are voluntary, practical and technical guidelines that serve as a foundation and reference framework for national authorities to improve the safety, security and effectiveness of their ammunition management policies and practices.

The UN SaferGuard Programme, managed by the Office for Disarmament affairs, functions as the caretaker of the IATG, allowing for holistic oversight and dissemination of the Guidelines and its supporting toolkit. In doing so, it is supported by a Technical Review Board (TRB) and the Strategic Coordination Group. Over the past two years, the TRB has conducted an extensive review of the IATG, resulting in its endorsement of Version 3 of the Guidelines as current, comprehensive and of the highest standards.

For more information, please contact Ingmar Snabilie at ingmar.snabilie@un.org.


CoNGO Notes: For more information on the NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace, and Security, please visit ngocdps.wordpress.com

Progress Towards Gender Equality: A Data and Policy Dialogue

As we mark the 25th anniversary of the landmark Beijing Declaration to advance women’s rights, new data from the UN Secretary-General’s report The World’s Women 2020: Trends and Statistics show that hard-earned gains in gender equality are being challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. UN DESA is holding a global data and policy online dialogue to discuss how much the world has risen to fulfill the strategic objectives of the Beijing Platform for Action and address policy actions needed to build a New Social Contract and improve equality for all.

Register here by Nov. 23: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_66PQaqQpTy-uraC-tJziIw


CoNGO Notes: For more information on the NGO Committee on the Status of Women-Geneva, please visit ngocsw-geneva.ch. For more information on the NGO Committee on the Status of Women-New York, please visit ngocsw.org. For more information on the NGO Committee on the Status of Women-Vienna, please visit ngocswvienna.org.