What the World Wants: A Briefing on the UN75 Global Consultation

On Friday 15 January, from 1630 to 1745 GMT / 1130 to 1245 EST, the UN’s 75th anniversary team will partner with UN entities based in the UK to hold a policy briefing on the findings of the global consultation conducted to mark the Organisation’s milestone at this turbulent time for the world.

The event will be hosted by the United Nations Association – UK, a charity devoted to providing information and analysis of the UN.

Join the Zoom webinar here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83991850723

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity was grappling with the paradox of diminishing global cooperation against a backdrop of ever more challenges requiring global cooperation: from the climate crisis to deepening inequalities. The pandemic has added to this suffering and exposed long-standing fragilities in our societies and economies.

In this context, the UN75 initiative was an opportunity to for the Organisation to listen to the people it serves. Over 1.5 million people took part, sharing their hopes, fears, priorities and solutions for the future.

This event will see Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser on UN75, Fabrizio Hochschild, present the results.


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