UN DESA Publications Survey 2020

Dear Stakeholder and Friend,

Publications and databases are key platforms for the dissemination of the work of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA). The Department publishes an average of 13 major publications a year and maintains 6 major databases that reach a broad base of policy makers, academics and key stakeholders. In this regard, DESA publications and databases are a cornerstone of the Department’s programme of work.

It is therefore important that the Department undertakes a periodic review of its publications and databases to ensure that this investment is reaching its target audiences, meeting expectations and contributing to the global policy dialogue on economic and social issues.

As a valued user of our publications and databases, we would like to invite you to participate in a brief survey to better understand your needs and provide to you the highest standard of information


Take the survey!

The aggregated results from this survey will be part of DESA’s internal evaluation on the impact of its publications and databases, which will assist us in further enhancing the quality​ and distribution of a key part of our programmed deliverables.

Thank you to those who have already completed the survey. Your valuable support is greatly appreciated!