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Celebrate International Women’s Day with the NGO Committee on Ageing-NY

The NGO Committee on Ageing calls your attention to our next Program Meeting on Thursday, March 4th, from 11:00am to 12:30pm EST.

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Program Agenda

Welcome and Announcements: Cynthia Stuen, Chair, NGO CoA

Moderator: Sandra Timmermann, Co-Chair, NGO CoA Program Subcommittee

Updates on OEWGA and other business: Frances Zainoeddin, Vice-Chair, NGO CoA

The COVID19 “She-Session”: The Impact of the Pandemic on the Economic Security of Older Women

  • Melissa Grober-Morrow, Thought Leadership Director, Financial Resilience, AARP
  • Ben F. Bolton, Director, Global Partnership Engagement, Office of International Affairs, AARP

Q & A and Discussion: Erica Dhar, AARP

Plans for the Commission on the Status of Women and CoA Member Input: Susan Somers, INPEA (Time will be allotted for member organizations to discuss their plans for CSW.)

The NGO CoA thanks the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) for hosting the meeting on Zoom.


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[UN Observance] World AIDS Day

Every year on December 1, the United Nations commemorates World AIDS Day. This year, the onset of COVID-19 has shone a glaring light on how much works remains to be done when it comes to saving lives threatened by deadly diseases. To learn more about World AIDS Day and how you can help end the stigma, check out who.int/westernpacific/news/events/world-aids-day.


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