Trinity nuclear test

No-First-Use: A powerful tool to achieve a world without nuclear weapons

Dear colleagues,

We draw your attention to the international launch on July 15 of NoFirstUse Global, a campaign platform and network promoting no-first-use policies globally as a measure to prevent nuclear war and to help achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world.

Support for No-First-Use policies is growing in nuclear armed countries and around the world, as evidenced by the recent Open Letter to Presidents Biden and Putin on No-First-Use which was endorsed by over 1200 political, military and religious leaders, as well as legislators, academics/scientists and other representatives of civil society. Find out more by attending the launch event.

Register here for Session B, which is timed for the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East:

July 15 Program:

  • Tribute for the 76th anniversary of the Trinity nuclear test;
  • Introductions to NoFirstUse Global from cosponsoring organizations;
  • Video messages from prominent supporters;
  • Launch of a social media action ‘Don’t even think about starting a nuclear war’
  • Questions and comments from the audience/participants


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