Managing debt, climate and nature in the pandemic recovery

The pressure of growing public debt  is hindering efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and tackling the climate crisis and biodiversity loss in emerging economies.

Join leading thinkers and practitioners to discuss emerging research into the causes and consequences of public debt challenges, how these challenges are impacting efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, and what is being done to advance the most promising solutions.

Speakers include IIED researcher Sejal Patel, Prof Stephany Griffith-Jones, and our Ambassador to the UN the Hon. Bob Rae.

After 10 years running the e-discussion Recovery with a Human Face (2010-20) at UNICEF and ILO, it was closed and replaced by this new discussion on Global Social Justice [GSJ]. Please share your inputs by e-mailing: gsj@list.globalsocialjustice.org. This e-discussion is intended to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas; the views expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the policies of GSJ. We look forward to your participation, and your reactions and thoughts about priorities for the international development community.


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