International Declaration for Tuna Sustainability

The International Declaration for Tuna Sustainability, a global and collaborative alliance promoted by Bermeo Tuna World Capital, brings together the world’s leading tuna cities committed to sustainable tuna management and oceans sustainable development.

Register here: unocvirtualevent.comIn this event, to be held on 28 June within the United Nations Ocean Conference, delegates from several cities in which tuna is a fundamental part of their economy and social processes, their history and their future projection, will share their perspective on the sustainable management of tuna sector and the opportunities that the International Declaration for Tuna Sustainability offers to contribute to a better competitiveness and sustainability, with a strategy closely aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


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Food from Oceans, Rivers and Lakes

“Food from Oceans, Rivers and Lakes”

Taking place on Friday 28th January 2022

Date and time: January 28, 2022, London 06:00- 07:35; Geneva, Lagos, Rome 07:00-8:35, Cairo, Johannesburg, Lomé 08:00-09:35, Nairobi, Antananarivo 09:00-10:35, New Delhi 11:30-13:15, Bangkok, Jakarta 13:00- 14:35; Beijing, Manila, Taipei 14:00- 15:35, Honiara, Sydney 17:00-18:35, Suva 18:00- 19:35, Apia, Auckland 19:00- 20:35 & Tahiti – January 27 20:00- 21:35

An upcoming webinar will offer speakers’ insights on “Food from Oceans, Rivers and Lakes.” Offered on 28 January, the webinar will explore the vital role of blue, or aquatic, foods in the wellbeing and livelihood of 3 billion people in the world. But the health of the water bodies is being degraded by climate change, pollution, unsustainable overfishing, and mining.

Speakers will offer insights on how communities of faith must be at the forefront if we are to see a sustainable future. They will discuss decisive steps in restoring and protecting marine and freshwater ecosystems, and reducing pollution that contaminates those systems. The audience will hear about innovative approaches and ways to adapt food preferences and lifestyles to uphold creation as a gift.

The year 2022 has been declared by the UN as the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The Webinar will be held in English and French.

Register for the Webinar

Background documents in English & French

For additional information, please go to this link: Webinar: “Food from Oceans, Rivers and Lakes” | World Council of Churches (oikoumene.org)


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