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Panel discussion on Kiss the Ground documentary & regenerative agriculture

Greetings, Colleagues!
You are warmly invited to join in on a panel discussion on regenerative agriculture this coming Monday, September 13, 7 PM EDT.  We have three stellar panelists lined up to discuss the documentary “Kiss the Ground.”
This event is free and open to anyone who’s interested in learning more about regenerative agriculture and how it can stabilize our local foodsheds.

Watch the documentary Kiss the Ground in advance (for free!) if you haven’t already!  We will not be showing the film during our panel session, so be sure to check out the instructions below to view it ahead of time. Our panelists are Vel Scott, Stephen Cochenour, and Cody Rakes, and they’ll share some unique perspectives from urban to rural, classroom to community and beyond!

From Loretto Community’s Farm & Land Committee and Loretto Earth Network (LEN):
You may have heard of regenerative agriculture as a practical way to address climate change, but do you know what it is? Join us for a two-part educational series to learn more.  All are welcome!
1. Watch the documentary Kiss the Ground at your own convenience before September 13. (See below for instructions on how to access it.)
2. On Monday, 13 September, 2021, at 7:00 pm EDT: Join us for an online panel discussion of the film via Zoom:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 897 5979 1735
Passcode: 371451

Instructions on how to access the documentary Kiss the Ground:
If you have time, we encourage you to watch the full length feature version which is 1 hour 25 minutes.  Here is the link:

Kiss the Ground full length

Password: viva

Some may be interested but find yourselves short on time.  In that case, you have the option of watching this 45 minute educational version:

Kiss the Ground 45 min. educational

Password: schools

The panel discussion will be kick started by your questions and comments.  After watching the film, please send any questions or responses to Jessie Rathburn, Loretto Earth Education and Advocacy Coordinator, at


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