World Vision

Interfaith dialogue: Independent Dialogue on Faith and Food Systems

We welcome you to an Interfaith dialogue to engage global faith and indigenous communities with the Food Systems Summit process. This co-convened dialogue (UN and faith-based organizations) through shared experiences and learnings underlining shared values and principles, spirituality and beliefs, is an opportunity to promote solidarity and mutual accountability with local communities, stewardship of the environment and sustainability of food systems. Register here!


  • Rev. Nicta M. Lubaale, General Secretary, Organization of African Instituted Churches (Uganda/ Kenya)
  • Mrs. Wallapa van Willenswaard, Innovation Network International INI, International Network of Engaged Buddhists (Thailand)
  • Ms. Debra Boudreaux, Tzu Chi Foundation, (USA) 
  • Mr. Gopal Patel, Bhumi Global (India/ US)
  • Discussants from Indigenous communities

Convenor:  Mr. Andrew Schwartz, Director of Sustainability and Global Affairs, Center For Earth Ethics (USA)

Curator:  Ms. Angeline Munzara, Global Sector Leader, Livelihoods, Global Impact, World Vision International & Member of the Strategy Group- Food For Life Campaign- WCC-EAA (Zimbabwe/ South Africa)

Moderator: Rev. Eugene Cho, President and CEO of Bread for the World (USA)


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